Pioneering blockchain management system company,, joins The Clean Marine Fuels Institute

The Board of Clean MFI has selected and welcomes to the Clean Marine Fuels Institute in their pursuit of lower emissions for a better future. Perth based blockchain management system company, is dedicated to the application of new and emerging digital technologies to drive exponential and sustainable productivity improvement. “Having innovative and visionary technology professionals to work with and assist out members in a collaborative and collective manner is exactly what Clean MFI is designed to support. Welcome aboard RISE!’ -Captain Walter P. Purio, CEO, Clean Marine Fuel Institute

“Lower emissions for a better future speaks directly to the core values and objectives of our company,” explains co-founder and CEO Rowan Fenn. “We look forward to collaborating with the institute and its members to improve efficiency across the LNG bunkering value chain, reducing the cost to switch and accelerating the transition to LNG.

– Rowan Fenn, Co-founder & CEO 

MAN Energy has been selected for membership in the Clean Marine Fuel Institute MAN Energy Solutions is delighted to become a member of the Clean Marine Fuel Institute. We are a world leader in the design and manufacture of LNG engines, within the marine and power-generation sectors, and our support for LNG as a marine fuel is consistent with our vision of decarbonisation. As such, we call for a ‘maritime energy transition’, an umbrella term we use that covers all MAN Energy Solutions activities to reduce emissions. Accordingly, we support – through innovative solutions – the move from diesel through natural gas fuels to renewable, greener alternatives combined with hybrid drive technologies. We very much look forward to contributing to the Institute's goals.” said Mr Jeffrey Moloney


– Managing Director of MAN Energy Solutions Australia Pty Ltd.


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