Clean Marine Fuel Institute (Clean MFI) Welcomes ADNOC Logistics & Services as a New Member

The Clean Marine Fuel Institute is honoured to announce the membership of ADNOC Logistics & Services with the growing coalition of companies committed to Australian LNG is the primary marine fuel in transition to carbon free shipping.

Captain Mohamed Al Ali, Senior Vice President - Ship Management at ADNOC Logistics & Services  said “Our partnership with Clean MFI will add value for the development of LNG as a marine fuel, contributing in supporting the marine industry in Australia and neighbouring countries, in line with our ongoing effort to foster a sustainable environment for our trade”.

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, ADNOC Logistics & Services is 100% owned by ADNOC, and serves ADNOC Group and international customers. With over 40 years of experience and assets from shipping, offshore and onshore services, ADNOC Logistics & Services is a fully integrated shipping and logistics company. They utilize the latest technology and leverage strategic partnerships to provide a reliable, cost-effective and efficient service to their customers.

Clean MFI CEO Margot Matthews added “Clean MFI is excited to have ADNOC Logistics & Services come on board as our newest member. Logistics and shipping services are a critical component in the supply chain of LNG as a marine fuel and ADNOC is clearly a leader in the global energy industry and is addressing the GHG and the impending IMO Sulphur challenges through the use of new technologies and corporate awareness.”

About Clean MFI
Clean MFI is a non for profit organization based in Perth, Australia and works with and for industry and government partners to provide information, advocacy and expertise to secure the long term sustainability and impact of LNG as marine fuel. 
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About ADNOC Logistics & Services
ADNOC Logistics & Services provides world-class shipping, maritime and logistics, serving ADNOC and international customers. ADNOC Logistics & Services is a crucial link in the ADNOC supply chain, delivering the Group’s oil, gas and petroleum products from Abu Dhabi to the world and also serving global customers. ADNOC Logistics & Services is 100% owned by ADNOC. 
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