LCA Well to Wake with Alannah MacTiernan

Clean MFI held one of its regular round table forums inviting key LNG marine transport fuel stakeholders to hear our guest speakers were:

     Minister Alannah MacTiernan, Minister for Regional Development; Agriculture and Food; Ports; Minister assisting the Minister for State Development, Jobs; and

     Dr Mary Stewart, CEO, Energetics

Energetics are a specialist energy and carbon consultancy. Dr Stewart will present for the first time publicly the peer reviewed benchmarking study results commissioned by Woodside arising from the substitution of Western Australian produced LNG for heavy fuel oil (HFO) on the Pilbara iron ore trade route (Green Corridor) and the significant greenhouse emissions and pollution reductions that will result. This study may be compared with the recent Imperial College and SGMF/SEA LNG reports based on different LNG supply chains.  The report will make a contribution to the current debate surrounding global emissions and climate change.

Minister MacTiernan will address us on the role that port and regional infrastructure can play in this exciting innovation.

The emergence of LNG as a transport fuel is a great opportunity for WA and Australia to grasp, we can take a leading role in the change from heavy fuel oil (shipping) and diesel (trains and trucking) as part of the global response to climate change and air pollution.  Recently, there have been a number of material developments including forecasts of a ‘quantum leap’ in LNG fuelled bulk ore ships evidenced by BHP’s announcement today that they have released the world’s first bulk carrier tender for LNG-fuelled transport for up to 27 million tonnes of its iron ore and financiers placing ship builders on notice regarding lowering of emissions in new ship builds through the new ‘Poseidon Principles’.


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