End of 2018 Message from LNG MFI

Dear LNG Marine Fuel Institute members,



At a conference in Singapore a few years ago I was reacquainted with an insightful Chinese proverb that is relevant today. I'm sure most of our Institute members have heard it many times over the years.



If you want to go fast, run alone. If you want to go far, run together.


These collaboratively friendly words and many other global and regional words yield solutions adopted in 2018 that describe a belief that our industry is doing the right thing on our important voyage to significance. In my observation, LNG as a major transition fuel in the shipping industry is coming of age. It is not a matter of IF LNG will play an increasingly major role in global marine transportation, it is simply a matter of when.


Collaboration, transparency, connectivity and trust yield understanding.


This contemporary theme and the preceding anonymous proverb should be front of mind over the coming years. I believe they stand even taller today than they did yesterday. Many of the thought leaders in our new industry are challenging old and established norms by providing exciting and bespoke solutions to the rapidly evolving needs of our exciting LNG as a marine and transport fuel industry.


If you want to go fast, run alone. If you want to go far, run together.



I would ask that you, as members of the LNG Marine Fuel Institute, keep the spirit of this anonymous proverb and contemporary theme front of mind next year and over the next several years as we collaboratively have an opportunity to listen to our industry's thought leaders, many of whom are represented and recognised as LNG MFI members, and contribute to the collective dialogue and understanding of our disruptive and increasingly responsible global marine industry.



I maintain that the LNG MFI membership are truly the leaders of the LNG as a marine fuel e-revolution, and you should be proud of your accomplishments and embrace them. And, I further maintain that we are all in this together, uniquely working through cooperation, collaboration, trust and dialogue to make a difference, to support a purpose, a noble cause, to accomplish something in our society that is much bigger than our individual selves.



In shaping our industry by keeping an eye on the horizon and adopting new, innovative and exciting ways to achieve our purpose together, I strongly believe we will all leave an economic, social and environmental legacy of which we can all be proud.



This is our noble cause.


In wishing you all a happy, healthy and purposeful 2019, I remain,


Most loyally,





- Never miss a thing -

c/- Jackson McDonald,
Level 17, 225 St Georges Tce Perth, Western Australia 6000