Clean Marine Fuel Institute's Alliance with Future Energy Exports CRC (FEnEx CRC)

In line with the Clean Marine Fuel Institute agreed goals the board has conducted a review of opportunities to advance understanding and develop pathways toward alternate marine fuels.
Following CMFI's review, we have developed a plan to partner with the Future Energy Exports CRC to best leverage our current resources.

About the Future Energy Exports CRC:

FEnEx CRC is a cooperative research centre based at the University of Western Australia. FEnEx CRC was founded with the support of the Commonwealth of Australia to increase the resilience of Australia’s current LNG industry and to deliver market-readiness for a future hydrogen export industry.

The Market and Development Programme within the CRC will focus on the factors that drive market growth as well as the barriers that can stifle the development of supply chains and inhibit the adoption of new cleaner fuel technologies.

The reason for choosing a CRC program and this one in particular are threefold:

  1. CMFI's funds attract a matching factor from the federal CRC support process.
  2. There is an opportunity to perhaps partner with other participants with common goals.
  3. The proposed study both accords with the objects of CMFI and aligns with the CRC strategy for the provision of cleaner energy.

The scope of review will be circulated for information.  Members of CMFI:

  1. May nominate at your discretion to offer in kind participation in the study.
  2. Will be invited to participate on a regular basis to provide input and feedback.

Preparatory to the study CMFI and FEnEx CRC will enter into a Supporting Participant Agreement followed by a Project Agreement to regulate the terms of the alliance and frame the study. CMFI will keep members posted.


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